Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Human verzions of the Days of the Week

Monday- A slacking, tired, moody, lazy, bummed out person

Tuesday- Slightly sleepy, dragging, little more awake.

Wednesday- Determined to get through the day, more focused, moves at a normal pace.

Thursday- Starts to get ansy, wants to get through the day faster.

Friday- Quiet, ready to get done, finish whatever he needs to do during the day. By night going out and having a blast.

Saturday- The real party animal, will do things that no one would ever think of doing. Bright personality, very social.

Sunday- Can't remember a thing, drowsy. Chilling at home after all the fun, preparing for the next day, taking naps throughout the day.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Class Reflection

So this part of the class has been pretty good for me. I took a break from my story to read “This Lullaby” by Sarah Dessen, it was a good way to get some ideas and thoughts for my story. I’m able to do about half a page a day now on the days that I actually type and have things going on in my mind. There tend to be some days when I really can’t focus and do stuff but there are other days when I’m on the ball. Loving the recent prompts that have been on the board. Don’t really think the student reading thing is really helpful or anything. Can’t wait to do presentations for the final, besides just reading some passages from our work can we also like just explain what we did and how we’ve been doing it and stuff. Also can we ask for ideas/help on how we can keep our work going. But overall great class wish it was around like last year too.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Switching It Up a Bit

Taking it slow now, living in the life of Sylus while he is at school and work instead of racing. Here's an excerpt of what I've got going on. Let me know what you think.

I headed off to work like I do every typical school day. It was the late lunch shift that then cycled into as the dinner shift. I pulled up to the employee parking and saw that the rest of the lot was empty except for like one possibly two car that were near the far end of the lot. I put on my staff shirt and walked in the front door to see Sandy standing behind the counter pouring coffee for an older man, while Jane- one of the waitresses- was clearing one of the tables.

“How was your first weekend of driving Hun?” Sandy asked as I approach the door that lead into the kitchen.

I turned over to her, “Let’s just say it’s an amazing feeling.” I smiled as I pushed the swinging door open. “Hey guys.” I said to Jeff an older guy that has literally been doing dishes here since the place opened; or at least I think.

“Hey Sy,” Jeff said as he closed the dishwasher to run another rack of dishes.

“How’s the car running?” asked Carl the other owner and head cook.

“Like a top.” I grabbed my apron off of the rack and positioned myself at the giant fryerlators and checked to see what I needed to have ready before any customers came in. I had four baskets that I dipped into the hot oil. The freezers was to my right incase I needed any fries, chicken tenders, or whatever else people ordered. Jane came walking in with some dishes and set them by Jeff. She was one of the just got out of college and is working just to have enough money to pay for her apartment. “Wow Sylus, that car is pretty sharp looking.” She was another one of those girls that also liked to flirt with me.

“Oh, thanks Jane. It’s fast too.”

“I bet it is,” she placed her hand on my shoulder then slowly ran it down my arm as she headed back to the door.

“Sylus, you remind me of myself when I was your age.” Carl said while chopping up some lettuce.

I grabbed a handful of fries and put them in one of the baskets and dumped them in the oil. “Why’s that?”

“Are you joking right now?” He looked up at me and stared.

“Ummm, no.” I shook the basket around.

“You have all these girls flirting with you, just like I did.”

“Yeah but you must’ve flirted back huh?”

He started slicing tomatoes, “I sure did. Why don’t you?”

“Waiting for the right one. You know?” I shook the basket again.

“Uh huh, I know what you mean. How long are you willing to wait.”

I pulled the fries out of the hot oil and let them cool before putting them in a basket. “As long as I need to until I find the right one.” I looked over at Jeff, who by this time had finished the dishes and was starting to wash off his area. “How long did it take you to find the right one Jeff.”

He turned around and smiled, “Ten years after high school just after I had gotten back from the war. That’s when I found the one right for me, but no one was as flirty back then as you are now.”

“They’re a lot better looking though now,” Carl chimed in, followed by a few snickers. I couldn’t help but snicker along with him.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

If I wasn't a Muggle

If I wasn't a muggle I wouldn't be a wizard instead I will be a Jedi. Having crazy telekenetic powers and be able to move objects and people just by focusing on them with my mind. Life would be so hard for me seeing that i would have to hide my powers from everyone and keep them a secret. Or i could tell everyone about my powers and become like a "superhero" but then my life would be to complicated and i wouldn't have any free time to myself.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Working on it

On to about 17 pages in on this story. Things are going strong right now. Hardest part is trying to get the emotions and thoughts of the female characters out. Trying to make someone just being friendly to look like it's flirting when it really isn't. Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Take a look and tell me what i could do to change it

“Yeah let’s get going.” So we headed out in our vehicles. Tyler in the lead of course cause he knew where we were going. I just followed him and on our way I was just thinking about ways that I would maneuver on the road at high speeds. We went down a couple winding roads took some unusual turns at different intersections but we finally went down one road that was covered by foliage that turned in to just a road enclosed on both sides by jagged cliffs that finally came to an opening and dropped down a little. The rocks continued on the left but on the right was the beach. But it wasn’t one of the many beaches that I had seen in the area; this one was clean and had no one walking on it. We turned right at a T-intersection went up an incline took a nice left bank and then came to the most spectacular thing I ever saw. We traveled down this straightaway that was lined with people and cars on both sides. People that looked about our age and probably as old as like twenty-five, some on the beach but most of them were up on the tarmac looking at or sitting around cars. Car after car after car, there had to be at least a hundred cars. Tyler backed into a spot, then I grabbed the one right next to him. As we both climbed out Tyler put on a black cowboy hat that looked like it was made with some sort of synthetic straw, while I just threw on my jacket and walked to the front of my car and looked around; at all the sights. You could hear waves crashing against the coast, the revving of car engines all around, people talking amongst each other in big groups. This was like the place to hang out it seemed. 
“How did you find this place?” I asked Tyler as he walked to the front of his truck.

“My brother Billy brought me out here for a couple of weeks.”

“Wait! He raced?!?”

“No he was just here for the social experience. He kinda got tired of it though too.”

“How can that be? This place is like over the top exquisite.”

“I don’t know. He just stopped going, but once I got my license I came up here and just chilled.”

*Vroom, Vroom* I looked over and saw a couple of cars getting started and being revved. “They’re about to start,” Tyler said over my shoulder as I watched four cars approach the white line. There was an array of cars, from the tough American Muscle cars, to the sleek more modified Tuners, I even saw a couple trucks and some low riders scattered around the lot. Finally the four cars were up at the line- it was 7:00 exactly- when the first red light on the light tree turned on. I watched as the cars sat there idling as another red light came on, then the third one. Next was a yellow light that meant Ready, then another yellow one the meant Set, then finally the Green light glowed bright for Go. Within a second those cars bolted off from the starting line and headed down to the first right turn. “Where do they go?” I asked Tyler.
“Oh right I forgot,” he went back to his truck and came out with a sheet of paper. “Here. That’s the map of the track.” I looked at it, the first part of the race was amongst the rocks and cliffs with a lot of jagged turns just like the area around it. Then the second half finally opened up and overlooked the ocean to the left while the cliffs were right there on the other side practically pushing the road closer and closer to the edge. There was a nice couple of hairpin turns a couple of inclines and then the finish line was up on what looked like to be a ridge. I turned around and saw that spot behind us I was up a good twenty feet, and there was people up there and what looked to be a shed with lights strung around it. It really was a great place to go and chill. By this time the cars that had been at the starting line were up at the ridge; while people were surrounding the winner as he approached the shed. Then simultaneously another group of cars revved up their engines and headed for the starting line. “So how long until I go?” I finally asked Tyler after carefully examining the course.

“You’re one of the last races.”

“How many races are there?”

“Depends on the night. Looks like three more then you’ll be up.”

I took a deep breath. “Ok, that’s good.” I looked around again to get another glimpse of the nightlife, but then I saw her. She had a nice built body, with gorgeous curves; it was Dawn; wearing a black tank top with a pink and black plaid top to cover it. Then a pair of nice skinny jeans to show off her feminine curves. Tyler must’ve saw me staring, “O yeah I forgot that she hangs here.”

“What do you mean?”
“She’s been coming down here longer than I have. Her sister races, she races, Heck! That whole family races.” By this point Dawn had seen me staring and give me a little nod of her head then she turned around and started talking again with the group of girls she was with. I turned back to Tyler and was greeted with a goofy smile. “Dude your face is all red.”

“Yeah I know,” I tipped my head down a little. “It happens almost everyday in English.”

“Well, shut my mouth and call me silver. You never told me that you liked her.”

“Isn’t it obvious Ty?”

“I’ve never noticed it.”

I looked at him and smiled, “Well that’s good.” I sighed, “But I don’t think she’s that into me.”

“Well maybe you could impress her with your driving skills.”

“How much longer till I’m up?”

“You’re next. Might want to get ready.” I headed towards my car, taking my jacket off. I opened the door and tossed it in the back seat and slowly slid into the drivers seat. I started up the car. *Vroom* “Here we go,” I said to myself as I inch out of my spot and onto the strip. I rolled my window down and pull up next to Tyler who was still standing in the spot that I left him. “Any advice.”

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Making progress

So Sylus has just gone and raced for his first time against Cable who is the best. Sylus got second, but had a chance to beat Cable. Now Sylus is just chilling at the track and is going for some food and is about to run into Dawn, who he likes a lot. The only problem is, that Dawn really could care less.